Our commitment is to provide you with exceptional service whether planning a single dinner or a memorable trip, in celebration of your company’s success. Our services include the following:

Airline Contract Negotiation

Destination Proposals

With constant ups and downs in the airline industry, and ever-changing airfares, let the Maxxus Group bring some stability—and peace of mind—to your incentive trip planning: We can help you secure the most economical flights while maintaining the flexibility you need should changes be necessary. Our preferred relationship with several global carriers allows us to secure the most economical and flexible block of seats in any class for your group’s travel to the selected destination. For a hassle-free travel of the group to any destination globally, leave the airline contract negotiation to the experts at the Maxxus Group. We guarantee our fares and our service.

In response to each request, the Maxxus Group provides our clients with multiple destination proposals, including options for activities and dining suggestions that will be based on your specific needs. As experts in international destination selection, the Maxxus Group strives to put forward the best selection for your consideration—whether your request is for an executive meeting, a large-scale incentive trip, an international convention, a domestic tradeshow or any other special event. Our professional staff makes every effort to propose appropriate yet diverse itineraries that are best suited to your unique needs and expectations. Our goal is to make sure that every business trip or incentive program has an appropriate mix of business and leisure components to allow you to accomplish your objectives while sending the participants home with lasting fond memories.

Hotel Contract Negotiation

Venue Selection

Hotel contracts can, at times, be complicated and intimidating. Add to that the complexities of differing jurisdictions and languages. At the Maxxus Group, we have developed an in-depth familiarity with hotel contracts and will be reviewing each and every hotel contract with a view to protect our clients. We have also developed beneficial relationships with many of the world’s better-known hotel chains or independent properties. We have refined the hotel contract negotiations to an art. Leave this important task to us to negotiate on your behalf to ensure your interests are protected. We not only recommend the most reliable properties for your group’s program, we take out the guessing game out of the hotel contract negotiations.



Large-scale events call for up-to-date and flexible software to enable participants to sign up for event components, select from a range of accommodation and tour options, if applicable, as well as transportation arrangements. Knowledge of programming and managing such an important tool require know-how and qualified staffing. Let the Maxxus Group handle your on-line (or manual) registration needs with our recognized attention to detail, always ensuring the most accurate information. If your event requires a promotion campaign, the Maxxus Group marketing and promotion staff can drive registration with our expert knowledge of event marketing on multiple platforms including social media.

Premium, Gifts and Giveaways

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Whether it is as a thank-you, a premium, or a token, a gift goes a long way. And when you imprint it with your corporate logo, it goes even further. When properly selected and distributed, gifts should serve as an investment in goodwill. The return on investment may be in the form of increased loyalty, improved performance, additional business and enhanced goodwill. Let the Maxxus Group professionals suggest room gifts or other mementos that capture the spirit of what you wish to portray to allow your participants or guests leave with lasting impressions that they will be proud to show off.

The right venue makes a big difference in the success of any event—no matter what its nature. Venue selection, therefore, is pivotal to the successful production of any event. The right fit between the event objectives and the venue selected makes or breaks an event. When selecting a venue for our clients, we weigh the pros and cons of each (bearing in mind the nature of the event, the client objectives, the make-up of participants, the budget and other key factors) and put forward, where possible, a few alternatives for the client to choose from.

Event Production

In selecting an event planning company, every client looks for a seamless rollout of their event as a key success factor. Event production is our specialty—no matter how big or small your event, the Maxxus Group has the talent and expertise to deliver a flawless event. We manage all or any aspect of producing your event to bring about an impeccable event. Our services can range from high-impact lighting, rigging, audio, video staging plans to securing that sought-after keynote speaker.



Conference Management

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Managing every aspect of a conference can be taxing on meeting planners. For a stress-free conference planning leave the details to our experienced professionals. The Maxxus Group will apply know-how, attention to detail and care to ensure that your conference goes according to your expectations and without a hitch. We will liaise with the venue, AV company and coordinate all other vendors involved, so that you are able to focus on the most important element—the meeting content. Once the conference is under way, there is no cause for concern: we take pride to be your supporting partner to make each single element get in gear smoothly.