Kayak the Waters of Manhattan


Looking for something new, fun and exciting to do on your next incentive program in New York?

Kayaking is a new experience for most of us, and more fun when you share it with people you know. Kayaking from Manhattan out to the Statue of Liberty is one of the most amazing ways to enjoy New York City. Join your colleagues for a teambuilding event, complete with lessons and games. Looking for a challenge (like learning to rescue each other), a new perspective (New York City and the Statue of Liberty are amazing from a kayak), or sheer lunacy (Try kayak polo!) at your next incentive trip — The Maxxus Group will make your event more eventful!

Cattle Drives & Horseback Riding in Montana

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Become a real cowboy or cowgirl on your next incentive program!

If you have ever dreamt of acting as a real cowboy or cowgirl, then Cattle Drives & Horseback Riding in Montana is exactly the right choice for your next incentive trip. Experience a stunning scenery and countryside while chasing cows and calves. Challenge your staff with Mountain Trails on the horseback! Sleep in authentic lodges and cabins or camp overnight in spacious wall tents and Indian teepees while on the track. Learn to punch those doggies as real Montana cowboys & cowgirls. A western adventure that you will never forget — The Maxxus Group will make it all happen!

Discovering the Antarctica

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Explore the "coolest" place on Earth!

The most isolated continent on the planet, Antarctica is vast wilderness just ripe for your group to explore it. Large mountain ranges and expansive plateaus of snow and ice mark the land, with weather patterns that can only be described as savage. Take a cruise or ferry around some of the most dramatic scenery in the world and be one of the few to observe polar animals in their natural environment. Kayak up to icebergs for even closer views or huddle around geothermal waters. Antarctica is the ultimate destination for your next incentive trip and for travelers who are not afraid of the elements. Let us at the Maxxus Group make this trip the ultimate experience for your group.